Playing in western Canada

Although riverboat casinos in the United States are on the rise, the first modern-day version of the old Mississippi steamboats produced in Canada just over two decades ago.

The form of income the operation of the riverboat is distributed to various projects worthy of the Klondike visitors’ association, a non-profit organization. The casino is open seasonally in the spring and summer months.

Manitoba’s Crystal Casino in Winnipeg opened in 1989 and was closely watched by the other provinces.

The casino is operated by the Manitoba Lotteries Foundation, which is planning to open two new casinos that will also be located in Winnipeg and the revenues accumulated by the Crystal Casino are used to revise the Manitoba health care system.

Income from the two new casinos has not been earmarked for any specific purpose until now.

Casinos in Manitoba are not like those found in the United States; they are built on a much smaller and quieter scale. Nonetheless, Crystal Casino annually attracts about 600,000 visitors who generate revenues in excess of eleven million dollars.

Although 75 percent of Crystal customers are from Manitoba, the remaining visitors are mostly from other provinces and the United States. This is particularly pleasing to the Manitoba government because many Canadian Casino customers had previously crossed the border in the United States to play in native American casinos.

The Quebec, rapid noting success of Manitoba, developed two casinos, one on Montreal at the site of the Expo 67 and the other in the Charlexoix region. The casino in Charlexoix is ??rather small, but the casino in Montreal boasts more than sixty tables and the game over thousand slot machines.

The government spent in excess of sixty million dollars on the construction site, construction and gambling equipment. Not outdone, the provincial government of Ontario completed a casino in Windsor that opened to the public on May 17, 1994.

The casino is on the Detroit River and is almost the same size as the one in Montreal.

This casino is temporarily housed in an art museum overlooking the Detroit skyline. Windsor, like other Canadian cities near the US border, has been particularly plagued by the free trade agreement and the decline of the Canadian dollar against the US currency.

The casino hopes to lure back US dollars across the board to make up for some of the lost income.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, is another community that has suffered economically in recent years. The city annually attracts over ten million tourists who call spectacular falls; the problem is that tourists spend only a few hours in the area and then leave without spending the night.

In an attempt to persuade their guests to stay longer and spend more money, city officials have applied for permission to host a casino.

They commissioned to cost / benefit study, and the results show that the province would earn annually more revenues of about 120 million dollars, over 70 percent of which would be generated by outside Ontario.

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